Based on comScore analysis and data collection of smartphone users in America, 50.1% smartphone users use Android phones. It proves that Android phones are more popular than others.

Anyway, are you interested in using Android phone but you doubt to use it? If you are, you need to know that this smartphone is able to ease all your daily activities especially in communicating. Besides, it also has various benefits, such as: Continue reading

Sometimes, foreign language can be a serious problem when people want to understand textbooks, read documents, deliver news, analyze language data, communicate with foreign people, and many more. To overcome this problem, people use foreign language dictionary and advanced technology, such as: translation calculator and translator on internet. Unfortunately, they are often unable to produce good translating result because of complicated language.

Thus, Linguist System, Inc. (LSI) comes up with a great solution. They provide translation services to overcome complicated foreign language by combining between advanced technology and human ability so they can get good and accurate translation. There are many translation services that can be used at LSI, such as: Continue reading

Toyota Yaris started the first debut in Europe in 1999. At that time, this car was known as Toyota Vitz. This car is the evolution to its second generation that was released in 2005. At this moment, there are several series of Toyota Yaris in market place, such as: New Toyota Yaris J, E, S, and S-Limited series.

Talking about Toyota Yaris, are you interested in owning this car that has modern and trendy design? If you are, it is better for you to pay attention to Toyota Yaris specifications below before deciding to buy it: Continue reading

There is a lot of challenge when running a business, such as: retaining qualified employees, making employees enjoy working at office, serving customers optimally, handling customers’ complaints well, meeting clients, looking for new contracts from clients, producing high quality products, distributing products, analyzing bookkeeping, competing with competitors, and even facing financial problem. If business owners cannot overcome the challenges, they will be left behind.

Nowadays, business both offline and online need to utilize computer software so they can work optimally, avoid human error and beat the competitor. Below are several useful software that you should use: Continue reading

Do you plan to run either motorcycle or car workshop? If you do, aside from having big budget as capital, choosing the right workshop location, and hiring reliable technicians as employees, you also have to provide tools that can support your employees’ jobs start from tuning up, overhauling, changing oil, repairing to modifying. Below are some important tools that you must provide:

  1. Air compressor
    Air compressor is equipment that is able to convert power (usually from electric machine or diesel) to kinetic energy. Besides, it will compress air and then release it in rapid pressure. Thus, it can be used to add air pressure in vehicles’ tires and help you clean dust and dirt that are attached to engine components, such as: air filter, oil filter, etc. Continue reading

29 jan c

Are you a farmer or a warehouse owner who want to weigh heavy things, such as: plantation/livestock products in bulk or heavy machine but you are feel afraid of getting inaccurate data? If you are, don’t need to be panic because you can avoid the problem easily as long as you use industrial floor scale package TSM5-44-SS-D. Continue reading

25 jan b

What will you do if you have an ecommerce website and want to make it accessible worldwide? Of course, you will buy a web hosting service, right? Unfortunately, most online business owners buy web hosting services without paying attention to their website needs so their websites are difficult to be accessed quickly. This condition makes both their loyal and new customers leave their sites rapidly in order to make them get low sales rate per month. Continue reading

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At this modern era, there are many Android phones, such as: Samsung Galaxy III, HTC DROID DNA, OPPO Find 5, ZTE Nubia Z5, Motorola ELECTRIFY M, LG Optimus Regard, or Sony Xperia E which reign in the market place. These Android phones are supported by elegant and luxury design and equipped with powerful specifications and features. Continue reading