RecessionDo you still remember the recession that happen to this country at 2008? I’m sure you do because at that time it was so bad. Lot of people lost their job even a huge security company like Lehman Brothers collapsed.

Unfortunately, this time I have to tell you a bad news. It is possible that some big countries in Europe will face recession soon. This recession is due to financial problem at Greece. The effect of Greece financial problem will spread around Europe soon enough.

United Kingdom (UK) is one of the examples. Therefore, if any of you who have business around UK, you need to prepare yourself for the worst condition imaginable. Usually at the recession the price of the rent, daily needs like food and even gasoline will rise (you can see the infographic of how recession is affecting UK families at This condition make many people should fight harder in order to survive.

Will the recession affect the online business owner? Well, I think so because there will be many of your potential customer lose their ability to buy your product. They will use their money into something more useful for them I think.

What should you do then? I think one of the best way to keep your income stable is by expanding your market. Optimize your site at other potential keywords so your market is even bigger at recession period.

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